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MV Agusta - Brutale 800

MV Agusta - Brutale 800
Passenger: Yes
Passenger Backrest: No
Luggage Rack: No
Saddlebags: No
Topcase Storage: No
Wind Shield: No
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Days range

1 - 2 days: 155 USD / day
3 - 6 days: 135 USD / day
7 - ∞ days: 125 USD / day
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Additional information

MV Agusta’s Brutale is a bike that will get attention wherever you take it. The Italians know design, from clothing and architecture to automobiles and the Brutale is a fine example of sleek, minimalist beauty on two wheels. Known as a “naked” for its bare bones styling, the Brutale is free of farings that would otherwise hide the beauty of the bike. Add a beautifully sculpted tank, comfortable saddle, exposed triple exhaust and a minimalist trellis frame and you have a motorcycle that is literally saying, “Look at me!” Technically speaking, the Brutale is quite impressive. It is powered by an 800 (798) cc engine and supported by some innovative gadgetry. Like its Italian competitor, Moto Guzzi, the MV Agusta employs ride-by-wire technology for better fuel efficiency and control. Riders can choose between Sport, Normal and Rain modes as they see fit. The transmission boasts what some claim to be the best shift-assist on the market today, the EAS 2.0, that provides the rider with flawless shifting through a system that is generally used only on racing bikes. Including this feature on their street bikes is more than a luxury as it adds extra control and confidence. Brembo brakes are supported by a Bosch 9 Plus ABS system and pack quite a necessary punch. Although the bike is relatively easy to handle, it is not recommended for new riders. The Brutlae is best ridden by intermediate to experienced riders who can hone their already existing skills while enjoying the brute force of this powerful motorcycle. Suspension is handled by Marzocchi in front and Sachs in the rear, both fully adjustable. The comfort and safety is enhanced by Pirelli Diablo Rosso III tires as well as a manageable weight of just 386 pounds (dry). The Brutale is both intuitive and agile, making it perfect for getting out onto twisty mountain roads where it handles itself stealthily. This bike is bound to draw the attention of riders and non-riders alike, so be prepared to answer a lot of questions and requests for photos. • Exclusive in-line 3 engine • 6-speed transmission • 798 cc engine • 4.4-gallon capacity tank • 386 lbs. dry weight • ALS tubular steel trellis frame w/ aluminum alloy swingarm pivot plates • Brembo brakes with Bosch 9 ABS • Adjustable front and rear suspension • Ride-by-wire throttle


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