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Honda - NC700X

Honda - NC700X
Passenger: Yes
Passenger Backrest: No
Luggage Rack: No
Saddlebags: No
Topcase Storage: No
Wind Shield: Yes
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Days range

1 - 2 days: 110 USD / day
3 - 6 days: 100 USD / day
7 - ∞ days: 90 USD / day
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Additional information

The Honda NC700X is a combination of cutting-edge technology and comfort for the modern rider. An adventure bike able to adapt to rough riding conditions, the Honda NC700X is constructed on a diamond-shaped steel frame with a long travel suspension system. Features also include a 3.7 gallon fuel tank located securely under the seat, low-profile windscreen, 17-inch cast aluminum wheels, 22-liter storage compartment where a fuel tank usually is placed, two-cylinder 670 cc engine, programmed fuel injection system, anti-lock braking system. The NC700X offers just the right amount of bodywork—enough to offer good wind protection, but not so much that the bike gets heavy or wide.


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