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Harley Davidson - Street Glide

Harley Davidson - Street Glide
Passenger: Yes
Passenger Backrest: Yes
Luggage Rack: Yes
Saddlebags: Yes
Topcase Storage: No
Wind Shield: Yes
Bluetooth Compatible: Yes
USB Compatible: Yes
Backrest: No
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Days range

1 - 2 days: 150 USD / day
3 - 6 days: 130 USD / day
7 - ∞ days: 120 USD / day
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Additional information

The Street Glide is known for its excellent handling and sleek lines that come as a result of the low-rise windshield. The hard saddlebags provide good storage space for 1-2 people on shorter journeys. The addition of a small luggage rack behind the passenger seat allows for extra luggage storage on longer rides or tours. Riders over 6’ tall should be aware that the windshield provides little to no wind protection from the neck up, so a full-face helmet is recommended for extended riding at higher speeds.


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