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Moto Guzzi - V7 III Special

Moto Guzzi - V7 III Special
Passenger: Yes
Passenger Backrest: No
Luggage Rack: No
Saddlebags: No
Topcase Storage: No
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Days range

1 - 2 days: 120 USD / day
3 - 6 days: 110 USD / day
7 - ∞ days: 100 USD / day
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Additional information

The Moto Guzzi V7 III Special comes closest to the spirit of the original model due to its classical styling, chrome parts and bright graphics. Like the famous 1975 V750 S3, the V7 III Special has the typical colored stripe on the side panels that complement the matching colored horizontal bands on the tank. Three other attributes set apart the V7 III Special from the others: - The spoked wheels have polished channels and black hubs - The instrumentation is made up of dual circular displays - The chrome-plated steel passenger grab handle arrives standard The V7 III Special retains the stylistic personality of the original V7 model, but with a much more mature and robust attitude--primarily to the presence of the dual pipe exhaust manifold and cylinder heads, both oversized. Other new style elements on the V7 III Special are: Newly design injector covers Sleeker side fairings New saddle New Turn Signals 1.5” Wider Mirrors for increased visibility New Instrumentation: (analog speedometer along with digital display odometer, partial and daily trip (resets automatically eight hours after being switched off), trip time, instantaneous and average consumption, air temperature, average speed, MGCT level, and gear indicator)


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