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About OC Motorcycle Riders Club

For only $45/month, Members receive free monthly rentals, as well as exclusive discounts and benefits.

  • 12 Free Rentals per Year (Harley-Davidson and Indian only)
  • Unused Rentals Roll Over for 1 year
  • 1 Free Rental on your Birthday (Harley-Davidson and Indian only)
  • 10% Off for Rentals During Blackouts
  • 15% Off on OC Motorcycle branded Apparel
  • 15% Off on OC Motorcycle Service Labor
  • $250 Off Any Pre-owned Motorcycle Sold by OC Motorcycle

Become A Member

Get the bike that fits your wants and needs

Going on a long trip? Or just need something to cruise along the coast? Need more comfort for your passenger? Your needs in a motorcycle change depending on your plans and activities, so why limit yourself to only one bike? Few people can afford to own a small fleet of motorcycles to cater to every situation, so having access to our rental fleet is the ideal solution. Join the OC Motorcycle Riders Club, and you can choose from our diverse selection of late-model motorcycles - get the right bike for the right situation every time you want to ride without the costs of owning one.

Leave the troubles behind

Owning a bike sounds simple, but consider the regular maintenance, repairs, insurance, payments, trickle charging, bike aging, storage, cleaning and all other related hassles. Here’s a better idea…when you drop off a rental motorcycle after a great ride, you can just leave all those troubles behind with us.

Save big $$$

You’ll get 12 free rental days per year (Harley-Davidson and Indian only), available most of the year. And during peak-season blackouts you'll receive an exclusive 10% discount on all rental days. Also, come in on your birthday and celebrate with a free rental.

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